How to use Crypto?

First, we thank the Crypto gods to have us share in their currency. In this age of technology, cryptocurrency is the way to do business. While in the past Western Union and other transfer methods where easy and perfectly safe, we have to state that collecting such payments become more painful each today. With the need of many receivers and the risk of getting blocked with each transfer we believe the benefits of these payment forms has worn out. Today, payments can be done within minutes with the use of encrypted blockchain technology, ensuring your safety and assisting us in a smoother ordering process.

We believe it is time to start your own crypto adventure!

While you could Google “how to get bitcoin”, we have noted down a step by step guide to get you started with Bitcoin (Most common used trading currency), you can find a short guide video on the bottom of the page;

  • First, we need a wallet. (crypto-wallets are used to hold coins and transferring them from one account to another) A wallet comes as a code consisting of multiple digits and letters for example as follows: 3JbzFFGts1AbDWEXjwsfMg6RfxNBhL5gvg.

Popular online wallets such as or are perfect to start.

Let’s use to get you started.

  • Visit info and open an account by entering your email and password.
  • Press continue and verify your email by clicking the activation link you just received from on your given mail address.

Congratulations, you successfully opened your first Bitcoin wallet.

  • Now we need to find a local bitcoin exchange to buy and trade our crypto currency, a crypto exchange is a webpage where you can trade your money into crypto currency or vice-versa. Popular exchanges are com or In this example we will use as this is a widely used trustful source and it allows you to buy Bitcoins with several payment methods without unnecessary questions.
  • Register your account.
  • Verify your given details by clicking on the verification link sent to your email.
  • Decide how much bitcoin you wish to buy and select a Seller from the locals list with a payment method of your liking. (During the transaction, the seller’s coins will be frozen. You make payment, and the coins will be released to your account if he/she confirms receipt money)
  • Withdraw the bitcoin to your blockchain wallet by selecting the “Send bitcoins” option in your wallet and noting your Blockchain wallet address as receiving bitcoin address.
  • Now that you have Bitcoins in your wallet, you can use these to complete your Bodypharm order by sending the needed order amount from your crypto wallet to our wallet address (this is shared on the “Order complete” page during making your order)

Note: There are a lot of good wallet providers and exchanges to get crypto currency, we simply used above sources to introduce you to this market as they are workable starts. When you get familiar with the crypto market, you may find better choices to use as wallet/exchange.