Which countries are possible to order from?

ixirix.com offers services to all countries, worldwide! We offer services to all continents, whether you live in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania or even Antartica! Products ordered from ixirix.com will always find their way to you.

How to use Crypto?

First, we thank the Crypto gods to have us share in their currency. In this age of technology, cryptocurrency is the way to do business. While in the past Western Union and other transfer methods where easy and perfectly safe, we have to state that collecting such payments become more painful each today. With the […]

How to set-up your first order?

Setting up your first order is easier than it seems, follow these steps and you will be ready in no time! First, select the products you wish to order Click the “Shopping Basket” on the top-right to review your selected products. Now, double check your order, you may want to add or decrease the quantity of […]